Wall Art Galleries are on trend this year as the number ONE way to use the images from your professional portrait session.


And customizing the "curated wall gallery" experience is what sets Theresa A Johnson apart from other area portrait photographers! 

 Print Art in all shapes, sizes, styles and price points is my specialty.

Your investment of time, energy and money deserves so much MORE than the ordinary experience.

"Customer Service" shouldn't culminate a session with a " Here's your disc! Thanks!"

As a Fine Art Portrait Photographer, my emphasis is on the "Art" of it all.

I want to help you share and display the images destined to become cherished keepsakes!

Tell me a little about how you live.

When you think of special family times... which room do you instantly envision?

What is your decor/style? (Did you even know there are "styles" of decor?)

Are you a trend-follower...or a trend-setter!?

Answers to these questions and a simple snapshot of the room you want to decorate or highlight your family will yield some surprising #WallArtGallery opportunities using materials like: Wood, Acrylic and Metal in products such as framed and matted prints, traditional Fine Art Canvas or trendy Circular prints mounted on wood. 

The possibilities are endless.

You've made a wise investment in #professional portraits...now make the MOST of them!

 As a professional #portrait photographer; I can help you choose the PERFECT display option for your style.

Ready to create yours?

Schedule your no-obligation, complimentary consultation today and mention that you're interested in building a Wall Art Gallery.

Wall Art
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