Warm Hearts...Warm Home

The Holidays are upon us...and I know you're crazy-busy these days planning for family visits, celebrations with friends and finding a way to tackle that gift-giving I'll keep this short!

Remember those Autumn mini session portraits you got of the family last fall?

You know...the ones of the kids at the pumpkin patch, or those engagement photos you had taken earlier this year before your married the love of your life?

Have you ever considered using those portraits and prints in that seasonal ritual of redecorating your home for the Holidays?

Lean your portrait against the chimney to add interest to your mantel decorations during the Holidays

Seasonal themed mini-sessions allow for a variety of color schemes and settings for your portraits. Consider rotating them as the seasons change...putting the summer memories away and bringing out the nostalgic Holiday themed portraits during the winter months. (and vice-versa!)

Consider alternating displays by layering portrait art, curated natural materials or small keepsakes from the event your portrait depicts to create a meaningful display that is 100% "you".

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