On Personal Projects (and Pumpkin Run)

Autumn is a busy time for Family photographers....the changing seasons suddenly have us all in the mood to be out in Nature, enjoying the colors, scents and traditions of Fall before the Winter sets in. Days are shorter....Light is more golden...Air seems more crisp and clear...

And deadlines for portraits loom fast and large (especially for images to be used on this year's #HolidayCards)!

Although I have been very busy lately; I still find time to work on personal projects and to volunteer with various organizations helping others. "Giving Back" feels good, doesn't it?

Aside from the Fall Festivals such as the Autumn Jazz Festival, #AppleScrappleFestival and various wine festivals; there are other interesting traditions.

One of my favorites is the Pumpkin Run in Millsboro, De. (Part of the Great Race series held all over the country throughout the year.)

Last year, I encountered this fab road race quite by accident. I happened to be working in the yard, when all these super cool classic, vintage and project cars started going by... following a route that took them past my home in two different directions.

After a few went by... I HAD to run in and get my camera and capture a few of them. (What self-respecting photographer would turn a blind eye, right!?)

I set up an album for last year's images over on my facebook page...and have yet to finish editing some I caught as the racers were on a practice run this past Friday.

Of that bunch, there were a couple of cars with no tops... open air vehicles... that caught my eye especially.

So there I was, propped against a tree at the edge of my yard... catching action shots of the cars (and one truck!) as they passed with one hand... the other hand acknowledging each racer with a high thumbs up.

Nobody ever let their eyes leave the road (driver OR passenger/navigator) and I totally understand why! But I still let them know I was not only watching but wishing them luck, too.

Imagine my THRILL when the route took them BACK past me again in a loop, coming from the opposite direction...

and ONE navigator gave ME a high thumbs up!


Yep! That stuff flips my skirt.

Thumbs Up!


If you haven't had your family portrait updated recently, the Holiday's are right around the corner! Time is running out to get them done before giving them as treasured gifts or Holiday Greeting Cards.

I still have some dates open... but don't wait. They go fast after Halloween.

Head over to the Book Online page and schedule your consultation now. Talk soon!

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