Life is a series of stories...

What are photographs if not visual stories, right?

A portrait session is an intimate experience for all involved...including the photographer!

I can look at a photo and remember details about that day, the little quirky things, the endearing hugs, the humor, the fun we had (although I am not always really good with remembering names, go figure).

Take for instance, this photo from a session a few years ago:

Her Mom had wanted family portraits done for a LOOOONG time, but the family wasn't exactly up for it. They love her and want to make her happy, but the thought of sitting in a cramped pose for an hour saying "cheese" grated on their last nerve. No amount of bribery was going to make them any more happy about it...

But one day, they consented, and she was thrilled.

During our consult; I helped her plan their wardrobe, the location and the details to achieve the kind of portraits she wanted...but the ONE thing that cannot be "planned", is attitude/personality.

It came to light that the youngest of the family, was quite introverted and as it happens, I can relate! I knew that it could be a challenge to give Mom the smiling, happy faces she so badly wanted. I also knew that if everyone was having a good time...they'd let their guard down and feel comfy enough to just *be*.

On this day; even the most introverted among us...enjoyed herself.

And Mom got the stunners she was hoping for. <3

(As you may notice; this session was done a few years ago...2014 to be exact! a few of the images even still have my former business name watermarked on them. *blush* I'm thinking it's time to update their family portraits, for more reasons than one! :)

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