Expecting a New Addition!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll not be surprised to read that my youngest daughter is expecting her third little boy in February.

I love being the #photographer of choice for #maternityportraits for clients but it is an especially poignant experience when it's your own family member (and even MORE so when it's your own daughter!).

During her first pregnancy; we spent a lot of time setting up her session so that this miraculous time was fully documented at nearly every stage. We learned that there can INDEED be "too much of a good thing" when it comes to photos during this vulnerable time.

During her second pregnancy; we learned that we had a preference for seasonal images and settings and that environmental portraits are even more special when we incorporate the beauty of expected new life into the scenery. (The series among sunflowers remain a personal favorite!).

THIS time around...I was hoping for a scenic maternity session in the snow (and really thought we had a shot at that since the baby is due in late February!)

But, as is the case with every pregnancy, things didn't go as planned.

But that didn't stop us!

Here are some images from her impromptu maternity session taken just this past weekend...early January and only a couple of weeks before her baby is due. There are complications developing...keep her in your thoughts, won't you?

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