August is such a difficult month...

End of summer vacations, back to school, no more flip-flops or wearing white, days growing shorter...and temperatures still in the 90's here in the Mid-Atlantic.

Not the most ideal time to conduct a #FamilySession outdoors!

For a #PortraitPhotographer, August is a challenging month. Deadlines, ever-changing client schedules, weather, the between-seasons challenges, etc. can wear on the most seasoned photographer's nerves. But there are ways to keep the momentum AND your sanity in the process!

#1: Take care of yourself!

If you are not in the best of spirits or shape, you're going to pass those uncomfy vibes on to the folks on the other end of the lens. Twistedly enough; you are doing a disservice to your clients if you don't stay hydrated, well fed, get plenty of rest at night, keep the stress as low as possible, take a vacation, stay prepared and keep things moving smoothly. It may seem self-indulgent in an industry that is already viewed as such...but it's the nature of the beast.

#2: Pack your patience

In as much as YOU are feeling stressed/hot/tired/hungry/irritable...your clients are dealing with their own, too. (Especially families with kids!) They have paid you for your services AND rearranged their schedules so that they can work WITH you to get the portraits they want the most.

#3: Keep things fresh

Clients aren't going to want to family portraits that look the same as last year's holiday cards.Remember to scout new locations, purchase new backdrops/props, research and partner with new vendors who create new, exciting product lines and keep your mailing list updated. Marketing your services AND your work is important any time of the year, of course...but the change of seasons always invites us to try something new. Make the most of the opportunities...not just "the light".

That the Lowe family.

Talk about real troopers! Our session was held outdoors at the end of August. Heat, humidity and waning light worked against us, but we managed to get MANY pretty family portraits in only an hour.

I credit them for truly being as invested in the outcome as I am as the photographer and for doing everything they could to accommodate my comments and guidance.

It was as much a pleasure working with them as they say it was, working with me.

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