Fine Family Portraiture by Theresa A Johnson

Being the Mom of 2 daughters in the days before the cell phone was a camera in our pocket...I learned the value of "capturing the memories"... to "freeze time".

Kids grow in the blink of an eye and we want keepsake images to remind us of the many precious little moments that makes childhood memorable.


I believe, what we really want are photos to remind us (as parents) that we were once the center of their Universe...and they are the center of ours.

The closeness....the love....the celebrations of the small stuff...we want to see photos that remind us that we were part of it.

Moms: You are great at using your cell phone and camera to capture the moments as they happen. 

Who is photographing YOU as you celebrate life with your kids? 

How will you answer them when, while looking through their baby book or photo album together, they ask you:

"Where are YOU, Mommy? I don't see you in the picture?"

Portraiture proves we exist..... and not only in their memories.

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