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Ahhhhh Childhood...

That time of personal discovery...learning the ropes of this thing we call Life... learning where we fit in...learning about things like: friendship, family and fun. 

I bet if I asked you to share your favorite childhood memory with me, you'd have a hard time sticking with only one.

Kids have beautiful quirks that make them shine as the brightest star in our little universe.

They make our heart swell with pride, our arms stretch out to cuddle them when they need comforting and our minds wander back to those special carefree days of our own childhood. 


As a Nana of 6; I happen to know that no two kids are alike, too. Some are full of energy...others more reserved. 

Some children are explorers...others not-so-much. Some children (like one of my daughters and two of my grand children) are super special...with unique needs. 

I can say I understand some of what you are going through... the challenges of raising children these days are many.

As a portrait photographer with a good deal of experience photographing children of all ages and personalities: I invite you to meet with me before your session.

Tell me all about what makes your child(ren) the brightest star(s) in your Universe.

Share with me your stories...help me create the keepsake images of your child that you'll cherish for a lifetime.

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