The portrait photography business is about more than merely "taking pictures" of you.

This is about you, what you want others to know about who you are...and how I can present you in a fine art portrait.

I find it very difficult to cover all of that over the phone and prefer to meet in person and chat about it, don't you?

In addition to pricing and the process we're going to talk about what you want your portraits to portray about you and/or your family.

Think about how you might complete the following:

The reason I want you to create portraits of me and/or my family/child/significant other is __________ .

I love ________, but absolutely loathe _______ .  

I love the way my ______ looks in the evening, after a long day.

My favorite place is _________ .

I have this ___(insert specific endearing quirk here ___). 

My biggest fear when it comes to photos of myself is ________ .

I believe:

* Who we believe we are on the inside, reflects on the outside.

* Our presence in the lives of the hearts of loved ones... MATTERS.

* There is no more pure truth of a person than that of their character...and one's character is always visible. 

* You are not what you are an extension of the Divine. Your children, your family...your precious pets...are all extensions of the Divine. 

And as are perfect just as you are. 

About Me:

My Story? Well it isn't very different from your story:

I could spend your time describing the mundane things about me that the experts say will endear you to me (Like: I love cats, dragonflies and favorite color is green and portrait photography is a passion, not just a business and privilege. I am a Nana to 6 grandchildren and Mother to 2 with multiple special challenges. I have a medical and retail background. I struggle with physical conditions that preclude me from working a typical 9-5 but have an INSATIABLE interest in people...specifically,those whose story is one of courage, triumph, tribulations short: LIFE.

And I have a special affinity for those who are not afraid to share these things with me in a real, meaningful way that creates a palpable,tangible visual legacy.)

But it's not about me, it?

Theresa A Johnson is a professional Portrait Photographer with a special affinity for "character-filled faces".
She has been sharing her passion for showcasing that which makes us unique for 15 years and counting. Having recently moved to Seaford, Delaware; Theresa serves clients all over the DelMarVa Peninsula, and accepts a limited number of intimate weddings each year.
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